Attention: If you love Pizza, Cheeseburgers, and Beer this is for you

Discover How Two 50-year-olds Cracked The Code To Looking Ripped Without Restrictive Diets Or Obsessive Workouts

Be one of 9 dudes who get to be part of the Alpha Group

before it is available to the public.

Seriously look at this THESE DUDES ARE FREAKIN” 50

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This works, it’s obvious, but I get it if you are still skeptical.

So I got the guys to agree to make this a no-brainer.

Here is how it works

I need 9 dudes who are ready to give their all for 6 weeks to prove this works. 

Chris and Scott are dedicated to making sure you get the results you want.

So in addition to teaching you the ins and outs of the FitFrame and how you can eat whatever you want and still look jacked, I convinced them to pack the 6 weeks full of all the coaching and support you could need.


  • 2 coaching calls every week

    • This isn’t boring lecture stuff, this is one on one coaching breaking down how to make this work
    • Customized and personalized support so you achieve your goals

  • Private Voxer Group

    • unlimited access to Chris and Scott
    • Wondering how to handle a situation that pops up, hit em up on Voxer
    • Need advice about supplements or dealing with in laws, send them a message (seriously personalized support)

  • App to track your food

    • Look I get it, but it really isn’t like that, you can still eat french fries and you don’t have to weigh each one first
    • No seriously, Chris promised I could still drink a beer after mowing the yard and that I wouldn’t have to give up pizza Fridays with my family
    • Tracking what you eat is simply how we take control of what goes into our body, making sure we are fueling it and not being weak and just shoving stuff in our face because it is there


When Chris and Scott tell me this is dead easy I believe them, I mean look at them


So here’s the deal

I have 9 spots for this exclusive alpha test (we don’t need no betas)

Similar systems that make promises about similar results are a crazy investment

6 Weeks 5 Workouts a week 6 Weeks 3 Meals a day 6 Weeks of hand holding
$1800 $1260 $2500

Once this thing goes live to the public the price is going to up. 

The 6 week training is going to be $497. Which is already a sick deal compared to what you might pay for alternatives. 


But I convinced them to knock $200 off the price for 9 guys.


That means the first 9 guys get the FitFrame program for on $297


And I told them that if they really believe this can work for anyone then they should offer a full money-back guarantee. 


Scott looked me dead in the eyes like Donnie Brasco and said “forget about it” 


The balls on that dude. 


So that’s it. 6 weeks $297 and if you aren’t completely satisfied your money back


No risk just results


Hurry cause I expect these 9 spots to go fast and you don’t want to have to wait until the next round when the price goes up.


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